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Useful Customer Journey Maps (+ Figma & Miro Templates)

Smashing Magazine

Vitaly Friedman, a front-end and UX specialist, advises on the use of customer journey templates, which are effective tools for visualizing user experience in a single place as opposed to scattered documents. Friedman provides examples of Airbnb's and Spotify's customer journey blueprints that unpack the entire customer experience by mapping user policies, interactions, touchpoints, and customer sentiments. To create a user journey map, focus must be made on the goal and situation of the customer, the necessary actions for the next stage, touchpoints, and user's thoughts and feelings. Identifying pain points, attaching links to quotes and including prototypes as needed is suggested. However, the significance of customizing these maps based on the specific requirements of individual products is emphasized. The article also advises questioning assumptions and biases early as they might eventually seem as the foundation of everything, which is difficult to challenge or question later.

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