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The Scent Of UX: The Unrealized Potential Of Olfactory Design

Smashing Magazine

Senior product designer Kristian Mikhel writes about the potential of incorporating scents into digital experiences for heightened engagement and immersion. He recounts the failed experiments of 'scented movies' of the 1950s, stating reasons such as technological limitations, smell fading over time, and the traditionally odorless nature of digital entertainment. Despite this, he points out the success of brands like Cadillac and LUSH, and entertainment venues like Disneyland, in using smells to enhance consumer experiences. He also discusses the potential of virtual reality (VR) in providing scented entertainment, its application in education, and the importance of personalized, discrete and well-delivered scents. Kristian also sheds light on the neuroscience and personal subjectivity of smells, necessitating a thoughtful approach in using scents for digital purposes.

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