The Era Of Platform Primitives Is Finally Here

Smashing Magazine

Atila Fassina, a Google Dev Expert and Solid DX team member, discusses the evolution of the web ecosystem towards consensus building tools like TypeScript and application frameworks like SolidStart, Nuxt, and Remix. He also highlights the role of UnJS in creating agnostic tooling that can be reused across diverse ecosystems, facilitating transferable skills among developers, reducing dependencies, and promoting the use of the best tool for the job. Fassina also discusses Netlify’s Platform Primitives, which simplifies common necessities, such as Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR), Image Optimization, and key-value storage for developers, reducing the need for framers to create their own solutions. Finally, he emphasizes the importance of using high-quality platform primitives to create seamless integration layers and adapters for framework and library creators. His discussion invites other experts to share their views on the choice between unbiased tooling versus opinionated setups.

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