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GitHub and JFrog partner to unify code and binaries for DevSecOps


GitHub and JFrog have announced a partnership to provide an integrated solution to support the needs of software developers, DevOps engineers, security specialists and other stakeholders who are involved in code-related tasks. The partnership aims to allow users to manage code and binaries more efficiently by integrating features such as single sign-on, project role mapping, access management and CI integration on both platforms. The collaboration will enable users to build, secure, and innovate all from one dashboard, without having to switch context or slow down. The integration includes intuitive navigation and traceability between source code and binaries, CI/CD with GitHub Actions and JFrog Artifactory, a unified view of security findings across the software supply chain, single sign-on across the platforms, and an integration of GitHub Copilot Chat with JFrog. The partnership aims to streamline the software development process by providing full visibility and control across the entire software supply chain.

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